Coronavirus – Update


Effects on financial markets and funds.


Coronavirus – ongoing update

The COVID 19 pandemic is omnipresent and poses very serious challenges for all of us.


The different effects of the coronavirus pandemic on emerging markets

Coronavirus has varying effects on emerging markets. While a number of Asian markets have held up comparatively well, very strong price losses have been recorded in South America, for example, but also in Eastern Europe.

Portfoloio losses

Portfolio losses: what can I do?

When securities customers look at their account statements for the first quarter of 2020, the general outlook is anything but rosy. 


How to keep a cool head in the capital markets despite the coronavirus

The coronavirus is causing uncertainty. And not just in terms of health, but also in the capital markets. 


Stock market crash – FAQs

We answer the 10 most common questions about the current situation.

Scope Investment Awards 2020

Scope Investment Awards

Raiffeisen KAG best asset manager for multi assets in German-speaking countries

Raiffeisen Strategiefonds

Raiffeisen Strategy Funds

Raiffeisen Strategy Funds are globally diversified, strategically and tactically well-developed multi-asset portfolios, which combine active strategies with various investment horizons and strict risk management.

emerging markets report

Emerging Markets

Current capital market report on the Emerging Markets: emreport

Nachhaltig Investieren

It's not all about yield

Sustainable investments are well on the way to become the prevailing trend on the global capital markets for the next years, maybe even decades.