Fund overview

We provide information here about the fund offering for private investors. Information about further funds and legally required fund documents, prices and mandatory publications are available under "Prices & documents". Please note: NAV calculation will not take place on National Bank Holidays

Fund name
Raiffeisen-Active-Commodities, Global sector fund
Raiffeisen-Dollar-ShortTerm-Rent, Short-term USD bonds
Raiffeisen-Dynamic-Assets, Global mixed fund
Raiffeisen-EmergingMarkets-Aktien, Global emerging markets equities
Raiffeisen-EmergingMarkets-LocalBonds, Global emerging markets bonds
Raiffeisen-Energie-Aktien, Global sector fund
Raiffeisen-Eurasien-Aktien, Asian and Eastern European equities
Raiffeisen-Europa-Aktien, European equities
Raiffeisen-Europa-HighYield, Non-investment-grade euro corporate bonds
Raiffeisen-Europa-SmallCap, European small- and mid-cap equities
Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent, Euro bonds
Raiffeisen-Euro-ShortTerm-Rent, Short-term euro bonds
Raiffeisen-Global-Aktien, Global equities
Raiffeisen-Global-Fundamental-Rent, Global bonds
Raiffeisen-Global-Rent, Global bonds
Raiffeisen-HealthCare-Aktien, Global sector fund
Raiffeisen-Inflationsschutz-Anleihen, Inflation-indexed euro bonds
Raiffeisen-Infrastruktur-Aktien, Global thematic funds
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-Aktien, Global equities according to ethical criteria
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-Mix, Global mixed fund
Raiffeisen-Osteuropa-Aktien, Eastern European equities
Raiffeisen-Osteuropa-Rent, Eastern European bonds from the EU convergence area
Raiffeisen-Pazifik-Aktien, Pacific equities including Japan
Raiffeisen-Russland-Aktien, Russian equities
Raiffeisen-TopDividende-Aktien, European equities
Raiffeisen-US-Aktien, US equities