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Raiffeisen US Equities is (more) sustainable…

and now goes by the name Raiffeisen Sustainable US Equities

Best Asset Manager

Best Asset Manager in Austria

As part of EMEA Finance's "Europe Banking Awards 2020", in which RBI was named "Best Bank in CEE & CIS" for the sixth time in a row, the renowned financial magazine also named Raiffeisen Capital Management as the RBI subsidiary "Best Asset Manager" in Austria in mid-April 2021.



In recent months, Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft has once again received numerous awards under the Raiffeisen Capital Management umbrella brand, which is further proof of the continuity of the high quality of the fund company's services.

Kind mit Schmetterling auf der Nase

Get ready for a better future: Sustainable Investments

Many people who are doing well are increasingly living more consciously and responsibly towards the environment and society.

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Largest public fund managed by an Austrian investment fund company.

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Emerging Markets

Current capital market report on the Emerging Markets: emreport