Institutional Investors

This area is concentrated on advising and serving institutional customers (resp. professional investors). You profit from access to custom-designed investments. We are delighted to support you in implementing your own individual investment strategy. Trust the know-how of one of Europe’s top-quality asset managers: confirmed by the confidence of more than 100 major customers from around the world, including leading international banks, pension funds and insurance companies. 


20 years of Raiffeisen-European-HighYield

Raiffeisen Capital Management was one of the first to recognise the opportunity back then and has been successfully investing in high yield bonds for 20 years now through Raiffeisen-European-HighYield.


Ansprechpartner für Institutionelle Anleger

A competent partner

Outstanding service, comprehensive, needs-oriented customer service and quick processing are key aspects and just a few of the hallmarks of our wide range of products and services.