Raiffeisen-CsendesÓceáni-Részvény Alap (R)

Key figures per 11/26/2020
Ongoing charges* Key investor information

* The „ongoing charges“ have been calculated on the basis of the figures as of 31.12.2019 including the previous 12-month period. The „ongoing charges“ include the management fee and all fees charged in the past year. Third-party transaction costs and performance-related fees are not included in the „ongoing charges". The „ongoing charges“ may differ from year to year. Please refer to the „Expenses“ sub-item of the current annual fund report for precise details of the cost components included in the „ongoing charges“.

Risk indicators 10/30/2020  
Volatility 16.85
Sharpe ratio 0.12
Maximum Drawdown -56.87

Volume (in fund currency): EUR 132.499.409,88