Information content, timeliness of information
Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H. and Raiffeisen Immobilien Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H. (together called “Raiffeisen Capital Management”) regularly review and update the information on their web sites and take the utmost care in collecting and preparing the information presented on these web sites. In spite of this, Raiffeisen Capital Management assumes no liability whatsoever for the timeliness, correctness or completeness of this information or for the continuous availability of this information or the related information sources, or for whether the projected events or developments actually materialise. Similarly, any forecasts or simulations of earlier performance do not provide a reliable indication of future performance.

The same applies to all web sites referenced by means of hyperlinks. Raiffeisen Capital Management is not responsible or liable for the content of web sites accessed by means of such hyperlinks. Raiffeisen Capital Management reserves the right to make amendments or supplements to the provided information at any time.

Copyright law
The content and structure of Raiffeisen Capital Management’s web sites are protected by copyright. No information or data, especially text or images, may be duplicated without the prior permission of Raiffeisen Capital Management.


Raiffeisen Capital Management shall not be liable for losses or damages (including subsequent or indirect damages or lost profits) that may arise from or be related to accessing Raiffeisen Capital Management’s web sites, accessing or using any content on these web sites, using any hyperlinks to web sites or URLs operated by other entities, or the unavailability of the Raiffeisen Capital Management web sites. This shall also apply when Raiffeisen Capital Management has been informed of the possibility of such damages.


Access restrictions due to local regulations
Neither the web sites of Raiffeisen Capital Management nor the information or functions contained on these sites are addressed at persons residing in areas where the prevailing law prohibits the dissemination of such information or functions.

Investors with a different home currency from the currency of the fund should also note that returns can rise or fall due to currency fluctuations as well.

Individuals residing in certain countries or certain categories of investors may not be eligible to purchase products and services presented on Raiffeisen Capital Management’s web sites. In particular, the mutual funds presented on these web sites are not registered in the USA under the pertinent legal regulations. For this reason, shares in these mutual funds may not be offered for sale in the USA, and may not be sold to any US citizens (or persons permanently residing in the territory of the USA) unless this is permitted in exceptional cases by the pertinent US laws.


Not an offer, not an investment recommendation

The content provided on Raiffeisen Capital Management’s web sites is intended as information only, and is in particular not intended as an offer or recommendation to buy or sell securities or other products or as an investment analysis. This content cannot replace individual investment or other advice. No concrete investment should be made without obtaining qualified advice beforehand and discussing and reading through the full prospectus. The web sites may contain "forward-looking statements". Even if these forward-looking statements reflect the opinions and expectations of Raiffeisen Capital Management, a series of risks, uncertainties and other factors can cause the actual developments and results to deviate from these expectations. Raiffeisen Capital Management is not obligated to (and expressly precludes any such obligation) update or amend its forward-looking statements on the basis new information, future events or any other grounds.

Regarding our clients whose home currency differs from the fund currency, we would like to point out that the yield may rise or fall also due to currency fluctuations.

Past performance is not an indicator of the future performance of an investment fund or portfolio. Raiffeisen Capital Management calculates the performance of mutual funds using the OeKB method, based on the data of the custodian bank (if payment of the return price is suspended, available indicative values will be used for the calculation). The calculation of performance does not take into account individual costs such as the amount of the issue premium, the return fee, other fees, commissions and other charges. If these were taken into account, they would have a negative effect on performance. Issue and return fees are not taken into account. Value development in per cent (without fees) assuming the reinvestment of all dividends.
Tax treatment depends on the investor’s personal situation and may be subject to future changes.

It is expressly noted that securities transactions can involve significant risks and that taxation of such depends on personal circumstances and is subject to change in the future.



The published prospectuses or Information for investors pursuant Sec 21 AIFMG respectively as well as key investor information for the investment funds of Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H. are available at www.rcm.at under the heading "Kurse & Dokumente" in German and – where units are sold outside of Austria – also at www.rcm-international.com under the heading "Prices & Documents" in English (or German) or in your national language. A summary of investors rights is available in German and English under the following link: https://www.rcm.at/corporategovernance. Note that Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H. may decide to terminate the arrangements for the distribution of the fund unit certificates outside the fund domicile country Austria.