Fund-based saving

Investing with promising earnings opportunities is by no means a matter of course in the current low-interest environment.

Which makes it all the more important to find the right investment.

Everyone has different plans for the future – and people’s needs when it comes to financial planning and security are just as diverse as their goals in life.

Depending on your savings objective, investment horizon, and risk appetite, there are many different types of fund-based savings plans to choose from. In the end, it is important that the investment meets your personal needs.

Savings on the basis of investment funds is possible starting from just EUR 50 a month. An investment fund is not a savings account and is not covered by the deposit insurance scheme. Capital losses are possible.

Regular fund savings can be profitable

Investing on a monthly basis can be profitable over the long term. When you make regular investments of the same amount in funds, you acquire more or fewer units for one contribution depending on the current price of the fund. Because the contributions remain the same, you purchase more fund units when prices are low, and fewer units when prices are higher. Because more fund units are acquired when prices are low, this results in a more attractive average purchase price over the long term – though capital losses cannot be ruled out.

Broader risk diversification with mixed funds

Investors often choose mixed funds for fund-based saving. These are funds that invest on a global basis in various asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and commodities and also in different markets in some cases. Such funds have become veritable best sellers over the past years because of their broader risk diversification. Depending on the prevailing market conditions, however, capital losses can never be ruled out.

Investment can be adapted based on investor type

Funds have different risk-return profiles. This means that the investment can be adapted to the risk tolerance of the investor. Generally speaking, the higher the risk of an investment is, the higher the earnings opportunities are, as well.

Fund-based saving is a matter of trust

Raiffeisen Capital Management’s highly qualified fund managers act with care and to the best of their knowledge and ability to optimally manage investors’ capital. Investors benefit from the know-how of one of Austria’s largest asset managers. However, capital losses are still possible.