Key information document replaces the Key Investor Information (Key Investor Document)

As of January 1, 2023, the key information document will replace the Key Investor Information (Key Investor Document) as the pre-contractual information for the (potential) investors of investment funds.

The information is meant to help investors “understand the nature, risks, costs, potential gains and losses of this product” and to help them “compare it with other products”. The aspired comparability now no longer refers to just funds, but also to all so-called “packaged retail investment products” – even to certificates, for example – as well as to insurance-based investment products for which key information documents were required already as of January 1, 2018.

The new, 3-page document that now applies for investment funds contains the following information:

  • Product – in particular a description of the investment of the fund and the so-called “intended retail investor”

  • Risks – classification on a seven-point scale and presentation of performance scenarios

  • Costs

  • Recommended holding period and the possibility to redeem unit certificates

  • Contact for complaints

Although the Key Investor Information also contains details on the investment policy, risks and costs, there are nonetheless significant differences between the two documents:

  • The risk classification is calculated using a different method in the key information document; therefore, the risk classification in the key information document may differ from the risk classification in the Key Investor Information..

  • The (ongoing) costs are also calculated using a different method and the presentation of the costs is also different. The key information document presents both the annual impact of the costs over time, and the composition of costs.

  • From now on, information on the fund’s past performance is not available in the key information document itself, but rather on the website at (Prices and documents) and, where applicable, at on the website of the corresponding country under Prices and documents.

The current versions of the key information documents – as previously with the Key Investor Information – are also available on the website under “Prices and documents”.

The contents of the key information documents are reviewed regularly to determine if they need to be revised or if changes need to be made for a specific reason (e.g., change of risk class); in this case, the revised key information document will also be published on the website.