Sustainable investments – for a better future

“Promoting sustainable developments at an economic, social, and environmental level is the order of the hour – a Herculean task which requires action from all of us. And it also urgently requires the financial industry and investors to invest their capital in a responsible manner.”

Sustainable funds

Leading in Austria

Under the umbrella brand Raiffeisen Capital Management, Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H. (in short: Raiffeisen KAG) is a 100% subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG and is thus part of the largest banking group in Austria. At the end of March 2024, it managed a volume of EUR 43.2 billion and ranked among the biggest fund companies in Austria with a market share of 19.3%. More than half of all assets are being managed according to strict ESG criteria. And this percentage is growing dynamically. About us

Dieter Aigner, Hannes Cizek (CEO), Michal Kustra

Creating values for the future

As an asset manager within the RBI Group (Raiffeisen Bank International AG), we are integrated into their sustainability strategy. For us, sustainability means responsible corporate action for long-term business success, in harmony with environmental and social goals.

Credibility and trust can only be achieved when you consistently and extensively pursue and promote sustainable developments and processes – as an entire company.

Management Board of Raiffeisen KAG

The core objective of Raiffeisen Capital Management is to generate returns on the capital market based on a sustainable, responsible style of investment. This means that in addition to considering the financial opportunities of an investment, environmental and social criteria as well as aspects of (sound) corporate governance are also taken into account.

Eine Gruppe Wanderer blickt gegen die Sonne in die Ferne

As one of the pioneers in the sector, we oriented ourselves towards sustainability at an early stage already and embarked on the path towards a lasting transformation. In the meantime, almost all mutual funds in the equity sector are managed according to ESG criteria and a large proportion of bonds are also managed sustainably. In the case of multi-assets, the changeover is in full swing. We want to convert our entire product range to responsible investment by 2025.

With our fund products that are strictly managed according to ESG criteria, we invest in companies and countries that have good prospects, are fit for the future, and that join us in pursuing sustainable development objectives.

Customer groups

Customers of Raiffeisen Capital Management include major institutional investors, wealthy private customers, and a great number of small investors who invest in the retail funds of the company via the Raiffeisen bank network and other sales partners.

Product solutions

The (sustainable) range of products at Raiffeisen Capital Management is extensive and includes investments in all asset classes. In addition to numerous retail funds, the company offers special funds and investment solutions for institutional customers as well as portfolio strategies via Raiffeisen asset management.

Sustainable at all business levels

We integrate the topic of sustainability at all levels: in the (further) development of products, in all areas of the investment process, as well as in the ongoing refinement of our operational ecology. We offset our carbon footprint, take part in social projects, strive to ensure equal opportunity in our hiring practices, and place strong emphasis on the topic of knowledge transfer and the training of Raiffeisen advisors with regard to sustainable investment products.


The company also contributes towards sustainable structures and the further development of sustainable investments outside of its immediate area of activity – fund management – and actively supports corresponding initiatives.

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