Prices & Documents

Publication of legally required fund documents, fund prices and mandatory publications for the funds managed by Raiffeisen KAG.

Fund prices

Publication of issue (NAV) and redemption prices

Fund documents

Sales prospectuses, key information document, annual and semi-annual reports

Notice (updated on 08.08.2023)

Important information for investors

Key information document replaces the Key Investor Information (Key Investor Document)

As of January 1, 2023, the key information document will replace the Key Investor Information (Key Investor Document) as the pre-contractual information for the (potential) investors of investment funds.

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Segregated assets "ABW Raiffeisen Eastern European Equities – in liquidation"

Fund regulations, winding-up reports, and current quarterly report for segregated assets in liquidation

Sustainability-related disclosures

Explanation of the main adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors

Mandatory publications

Legally required publications

Liquidated, merged, transferred funds

Annual and semi-annual reports of funds that have been dissolved, merged or transferred to other management companies